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Common Assessment: The Iron Triangle And Racial Profiling

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Imagine sitting on a plane, doing nothing out of the ordinary, and suddenly being forced by law officials to leave the plane, go through a strip search, and stay in a dirty jail cell for about two days without any explanation as to why all of this was happening. This was the case for thirty-six year-old Shoshana Hebshi, an American citizen who happens to be half-Arab. She claims that she and two other people who looked to be of Arab descent were forced off a Sepember 11, 2010 flight when passengers were allegedly concerned. She says no one would tell her what was happening or why it was happening to her. Now, Hebshi is in the process of filing a lawsuit against several federal agencies to spread awareness and stop racial profiling.
Since the terrorist attacks in 2001, American policy and law enforcement has become very strict in regards to the types of people who are in and around public, busy places-such as airports. For this reason, racial profiling is used in federal agencies like the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security. I think it is good to use caution, but it is wrong to do it through racial profiling because it uses a person’s physical appearance as grounds for suspecting them of having committed a crime, and it is unfair to treat someone as a criminal simply because of what they look like. The case of Shoshana Hebshi, while technically only an alleged incident, is just one example. We as Americans are guilty of doing this all the time to many different ethnicities. No one can help what he or she looks like, and it is unfair to judge because of that.
Additionally, racial profiling is an unconstitutional act. Under the fourteenth amendment, all United States citizens are entitled to equal protection and due process of law. However, this issue remains a problem in our country because, despite being unconstitutional, we are apprehensive of people who look suspicious or of a certain ethnicity. Since the terrorist attacks of nine-eleven, anyone who looks to be of a certain race is automatically assumed to be a threat. It is probably intended to protect us from another event of that nature, but in reality, all it does is create controversy by promoting unfair...

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