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The Common Bottlenose dolphin is one of many dolphins in our world today. According to the scientific name for the common bottlenose dolphin is “Tursiops truncates”. Like many other mammals, this dolphin has been classified. According to San Francisco State University Department of Geography “the kingdom Tursiops truncatus belongs to is Animalia, the phylum to which they are grouped in is Chordata, and their class is Mammalia. The order in which they belong to is cetacean, the suborder is odontoceti, their family is delphinidae, and the genus is tursiops.” Overtime, everything experiences change, even Tursiops truncates. “The order Cetacean is further divided in two ...view middle of the document...

An interim stage in this development is represented by the Protocetids and examples of the first exclusively aquatic dwelling form are the Durudon and 60 foot/18 meter long Basilosaurus.” These mammals lived 38 million years ago. (Caney 1) According to “about 30 million years ago, Squaldon appeared; a toothed whale. Although it probably was not a direct ancestor of dolphins, it appeared to use echolocation, a key attribute that would become a vital skill later to modern dolphins.” Also, 20 million years ago, echolocation formed in its modern form. Many extinct dolphin like families came out belonging to Kentriodontidae, which were small to medium-sized toothed cetaceans and thought likely to be part of modern species (Caney 2). Every mammal has ancestors. “Some of the close relatives of the bottlenose dolphin are: common dolphin, white sided dolphin, orca (killer whale) pilot whale, common or harbor porpoise, and Dall’s porpoise” (Pascose 42). In the past, some of the ancestors of the Tursiops truncatus are: Pakicetidae, Ambulocetidae, Remingtonocetidae, Protocetidae, Basilosauridae, Dorydontidae, Mysticeti, and Odontoceti (Caney 1). Picture source (Caney 1).
There are always interesting facts about everyone and everything that every existed. According to “the genus Tursiops, which bottlenose dolphins belong to, first appeared in the fossil record about five million years ago.” “The Bottlenose has about 90 teeth. IT uses them for catching fish and squid but not for chewing. Instead, the bottlenose prefers to eat its fish whole, usually taking it in headfirst”(Pascoe 21).Many dolphins are used in aquariums and ocean related looking parks such as SeaWorld. Some dolphins are even trained to do stunts and perform certain types of tricks. “The U.S. Navy uses dolphins to find explosive mines, search for people lost at sea, and to carry tools to underwater site. The U.S. Navy’s Marine Mammal Program was setup to study how dolphins can swim so fast. The navy wanted to use this information to improve submarine, torpedo and ship designs. It soon realized that dolphins had many other useful skills” (Harris 5). According to “species weight 300-1400 lbs. and can be 6.0-12.5 feet long”. Some dolphins vary in colors such as black, gray, white, and even pink. According to “the bottlenose dolphin is likely...

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