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Common College App Esay Essay

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It was difficult, but in order to have a better life it needed to be done. As a result of not having enough resources, our visa was declined. Coming to the U.S for a better quality of life still needed to happen. Only at the time I had no idea what was going on or the obstacles it would create for me in the near future. I wondered why we had to cross deserts and a few countrysides on foot, keeping our trip a secret, going from unfamiliar places to the next, instead of just going on a plane like others.
I didn’t know back then that what I was doing was illegally crossing the U.S border. At the time I was just seven years old. All I knew was that I was going to see my older brother and sisters, which i hadn’t seen in over five, years up in the north. Along with my other brother and sister, who were older than I was, we were snatched out of school and immediately on a journey to the mexican capital and on to our obstacle infested world.
Coming to Michigan empty handed was one of the hardest things my family and I had ever done. We weren't allowed to carry anything but layers of clothes on our backs, we left everything we owned behind. The road to the “land of the free” was dense and alarming. It brought my family together, like when my mom and I almost separated to go separate paths because we had been stopped by the police in mid transit to one of our locations. Luckily we got away. My mother would had never had left me alone in the hands of the “el coyote” or what they called the smuggler. A moment I will always remember, my mother by is when I was trembling on the bitter cold ground one night waiting for our next move, and she had taken off her layer of clothes and put it on me, in an effort to make me warm. It seemed silly how they didn’t fit me at all but she was just showing me her motherly love. This motherly act made the darkness less terrifying and the fear of being caught fade away for a while. Not to mention the fear of being caught still lingers...

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