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it is said that in 2009 state leaders, governors, and officials from 48 states, the nation's capital and

two territories joined together to creathe statewaide standards for english laguage arts and

mathematics (nation governoros association center for best practices). but the truth is that the

common core was created by the National governoros association center for best practices, (NGA

center) and the Councial of chied state school officers (CCSSO) TO CREATE MORE RIGIOUS

STANDARS FOR THE STATES across the nation. Both groups were given generous funds,

millions of dollars, from the Gates Foundation (Ravtich). the common core was implemented to

help prepare students in ...view middle of the document...

the stasndards for

the english languagae arts test requires all students, grades k-12, to know topics such as "classic

myths and stories from around the world, america's founding documents, foundational american

literature, and shakespeare" (national governors association center for best practices). Many

different explanitions went into why the united states testes average compared to international

schools, but the government thought this was because of poor state standards. Because the this the

common core was developed. But according to some educational experts the common core

standards have a medicore qualtiy. These experts belueve the english language arts standards are

"empty set skills that weaken the basis of literary and cultural knowledge needed for authentic

college course work" (United states of America) The Fordham institute, scietiscts, and

mathematicians graded the common core a "C" based on clarity and rigor. Saying that some

essiential scientific context, for example acids and basics, are not included. The standards use an

experimental method of gemotery, whcih was tried in the soviet union and other countires but then

dropped because it was not efficient. The fordham institute sayd that many state standard are at

least as good as the common core already. kentucky's proficiency rates dropped 30% when they

gave the common core a try. Even the chancellor of the New York board of regents told the

government to expect a steep drop in their test scores when the common core is implemented.

(Ravtich) According t James Milgram, the tests "focus on training them [students] to confrom and

obey in a static job that will produce a good or a service for the collective." Most of sciences and

mathematics experts agree that students need to be able to think like scientists or mathematics to

solve problems, set up originale experiments and explain their findings rather than memorize

formulas or terms (Study finds standarized testing may hurt education efforts).
the government has not said how the testes will be graded, which leaves people to wonder how

realiable the common core really is. it is specualted that the tests are scored in a number of two

ways. One way, norm-referenced is scoree by finding a "normal" or average score in relation to

students across the nation in the same grade. what a student scores is the compared to this

"normal" number, a number which the grading comapany has not released, and then it is decided

what procentiale the student falls in. most of the nationsl achievement test are scored this way

including the Tests of Academic Proficieency (TAP), Standford Achievement Test (SAT) and even

most IQ tests. And now that a member of the board in charge of common core is the new president

of College Board, people believe the new SAT will be modeled alongside the common core

(Ravtich). The other method as to which the common core tests could be graded is by citerion

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