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The world is evolving everyday with its technology, fashion, and music; just to say a few. Sometimes, life evolving can be a curse more then a blessing; for instance, common courtesy. Common courtesy are forms of sweet gestures given by you or another person to someone else. In the 1600’s-1700, this practice was treated like a law in the European and the Western worlds; for instance, they had a class in every school that taught the kids manners, kind gestures, and giving respect to those around you. Through those years, people learned how to have common courtesy for those around them; unlike Today’s years, most people learn a couple, if not any. A lot of them have become blurred out into a speck of uselessness. But common courtesy is important to have, because with it, there are so many great ways to give peace and happiness to other human beings as well as your own self.
This world is full of places to go, people to see, and things to eat. Sometimes we can be so blind on having such a fun time with friends or family that we miss having an opportunity to do a random act of kindness around our environment; for instance, holding the door for someone. When going to an event or out to eat hold the door for a person that is going through the same door. This gesture takes no less then a minute to do, and it surely helps the other person out as well. Especially if they look like they don’t have enough strength because they are disabled, crippled or young. But you can also just do it just for anyone. You don’t know what’s going through in there life, they could be going through something really terrible and need a person to cheer them up. Remember, even the smallest thing can make a persons day.
The cell phone is the latest gadget everyone has in today’s society. We use it for mostly to communicate with our friends and family when we are not at the same place as the other person. They are very useful most of the times especially texting. Texting is a great tool to use on the phone to...

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