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Common Essay Exam Practice

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In the article “Next Question: Can Students Be Pain to Excel?”, The New York Times informs us of a new strategy that the school districts in New York are using to help improve education in the United States. Schools are rewarding students for achieving high scores on their exams, and apparently it is working. In 1996, P.S 188 was considered to be a failing by the state of education, but has improved dramatically over the last decade due to this program in which students are being rewarded. In the article there is a statement that says, “Teachers at school said that this year, they had noticed a better attitude among the students, which they attributed to the incentive program.” This program strengthens the educational system but in all the wrong ways; the pros and cons to the program’s success is what caught my attention, which is why I do not believe in this program of rewarding education. Do we really need to pay the students to learn? No we do not, students should ...view middle of the document...

Money has the power to control a person’s thoughts, feelings and as far as this program goes, it also affects education. On the other hand, could the government afford doing this program nationwide? Right now the government does not have money to throw to schools. This program could affect all the workers. In order to afford the program, it will raise the taxes which I know nobody likes what so ever. The reality of things is that this programs would affect the economy along with the educational values our children have set.
Does the government want students to think that money is everything, and money can control the way people behave? The sad truth is, it does but kids should not know this throughout school, and as kids, we have to be careful of what we teach kids at this young age, because kids pick up habits fast, and if they pick up the habit of always getting money or receiving some type of reward when they do good, they will be crushed in the real word as they grow up, and they will become unsuccessful if the future.
Many would argue that this system would work due to the increase of passing test scores, which would increase the educational level in the United States. Yes, this system would be effective, but the cons would outweigh the pros in the sense of education would be viewed as a job rather than an intellectual process. So yes, the system would be effective, but on the long run would be ineffective due to the fact that students only care about money not the education itself.
The school district should really re-think this program, not only does it give the wrong image to our children, but it also sets them up for failure in the future. I’m sure there are different ways to approach students about attending school and working hard to obtain their educational knowledge in the correct form. Like expanding more on performing arts, classes that students can take as that they are interested in, or make the school more flexible when it comes to rules. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of different ways we could do, but money should not be one because coming and learning it’s not a job therefore students should not be paid for achieving educational standards.

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