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Common Reasons For A Divorce And The Effects On The Children

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Marriage, a monogamous relationship where a man and women unite and are to hold on to their vows for rest of their lives, but when the marriage does not work people tend to do the most simple thing, divorce. There are a lot of reasons why couples decide to divorce and get the easy way out, yet they forget that their kids are to suffer the most from their decisions. The most common reason why couples divorce is lack of communication, which includes: lack of commitment and infidelity, lack of compromise leading to arguments, and unrealistic expectations from marriage at young age.
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It makes them choose that parent and forget about the parent that is cheated on. The children also tend to sexual addiction. They lose their trust which causes them to have sex without it meaning anything to them. The divorce affects kids in many ways, as in my survey an anonymous person said, “Don’t divorce until you can look your child in the eyes and say ‘I’ve done everything that I can’” (survey).
Communication also plays a huge role in compromise and less argument. Couples that argue most of the time are more likely to lack at compromise. As Mary Stearns-Montgomery said on her blog “Couples that can’t compromise and meet in the middle are unable to adapt to new changes and be together in harmony” (Mary Stearns-Montgomery). Her statement illustrates that couples do not meet in the middle are likely to get a divorce. This causes many arguments between the couples where they are confused and are unable to compromise which leads them to one step closer to separation. A child's psychological development could be undermined by the negative emotional climate created by the parents’ arguments. The children surrounded by the negativity have a higher percent chance of choosing wrong paths such as drugs, alcohol, fights, etc. In my survey nearly 29% of the students said that lack of compromise and too many arguments are the cause for divorce. Hence these reasons are caused by the main issue which is lack of communication. If couples were to communicate they would have fewer fights and meet each other in the middle and work out their differences into a happier marriage.
Marriage at young age gives you the expectations that are far from the reality. Couples rush into marriage and forget to know each other as they think they have rest of the lives to do so. Therefore when they get married they start to lack communication because either they do not know each other very well or when they do get to know their spouses they realize that they are different than they thought. Some of the unrealistic expectations during marriage are: husbands supporting the wives financially, holding the spouses to impossible standards, and viewing marriage as a fantasy. Women expect that marriage means that it’s the husbands’ responsibility to support them financially. They...

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