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In recent years a new disease that has raised many concerns is insomnia. Insomnia is a sleep disorder that is categorized into two: primary insomnia, and secondary insomnia. Primary insomnia is defined as a person who just has difficulty with going to sleep, but are not directly associated with other health conditions. Secondary insomnia means a person is having sleep issues because of a primary health condition. Insomnia can range between acute and chronic. People with acute insomnia can be cured by practicing healthy sleep habits. These can include avoidance of the consumption of stimulants such as caffeine for a few hours prior to sleeping, attempting to develop a regular sleep ...view middle of the document...

In Bliwise’s (2007) study the sample of 5.9% used valerian and 5.2% used melatonin. Bliwise (2007) found data collected in the 2002 Alternative Health/Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Supplement to the National Health Interview Survey. The survey included 31,044 personal interviews from citizens of the United States. 29.9% of the sample used valerian and 27.5% using melatonin recognized insomnia as one reason for CAM (Bliwise, Ansari, 2007). It was found that there was a greater use to those individuals under the age 60. Less than half the time a consultation with a healthcare provider was issued to use these herbal such substances(Bliwise, Ansari, 2007).
Now that some have just tried herbal medications, this study conducted by Bailargeon (1998) was based on the non-pharmaceutical therapy for insomnia. This included 48 clinical trials by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to create constraints on non-pharmaceutical therapies for the clinical management of insomnia. Baillargeon’s data indicated that between 70% and 80% of patients benefited from treatment (Bailargeon, Demers, Ladouceur 1998). Patients with primary insomnia their treatment is likely to decrease the main symptoms. Throughout the treatment the participants had increased their s sleep duration is by 30 minutes and improved the quality of sleep. The patients also indicated that the overall quality of sleep sustained for at least 6 months after treatment (Bliwise, Ansari, 2007). There is some data to suggest that the non-pharmaceuticals can aid insomnia, but still not enough significantly to completely treat one’s insomnia.
Acupuncture is...

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