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Types of Depression, there’s so many of them everyone is different so everyone has their different depression type. Here are some common types that are more known or in your case you probably never heard of. Major Depression or also known as Chronic Depression. Major Depression is lost in interest, lost in energy and this mood could last for a day or more. Systems of this could be feeling guilty, worthless, hypersonic (extensive sleep), restless, slowed down, thoughts that recur on death or doing suicide, and sometimes weight gain or weight loss. About 6.7% of the U.S. population that is over the age of 18 is affected by Major Depression. And can also affect teens, children and seniors (older adults). Women is twice as many affected with Major or Clinical Depression during; hormonal changes. Some of these changes may include puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, miscarriages, also menopause. And women could also be at risk of Major or Clinical Depression by the increase of stress of life events including; work, home life, career, caring for others, raising a child and tragic events. Another common type of depression is Atypical Depression. Atypical Depression is a lot like Major and Chronic Depression, some systems are increase of appetite causing weight gain, excessive sleep or lost of sleep, weakness or marked fatigue, environmental circumstances could cause moods to react strongly, extremely sensitive. Some of the population of younger children or teens with depression mostly gets Atypical Depression. Becoming extremely rundown that could be recognized by others is another system also the thought of suicide and planning the suicide and the attempt. Postpartum Depression is the third type of depression. Postpartum deals with new mothers who have just given birth to their child or children. Postpartum is also known as “Baby Blues”, this depression has symptoms of pure sadness and lost of hope. The feelings of your emotions crash into you, the mood swings, the feeling of anxious and mostly very overwhelmed, loss of appetite and trouble of getting rest. Some new mothers have thoughts of self harm or harm to their child. And for a high risk of the “Baby Blues” is when the women had already had depression that increases the chances of getting the “Baby Blues”. The “Baby Blues” forms very quickly it usually comes two weeks of having the child or less than 48 hours. Other symptoms include lack of interest in your baby, lost of motivation, change behaviors, confusion, and disorientation. The fourth common type of depression is Bipolar Depression. Bipolar Depression can also be known as manic depression. This type of depression is where it makes large changes in moods, behaviors, energy and the process of thinking. This bipolar depression can last for days even weeks, and these aren’t just simple mood shifts their very intense mood shifts some so intense that it blocks them to function right. Some of the mood shifts could cause the person to get fired...

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