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Commonly Used Forms Of Lying Essay

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Commonly Used Forms of Lying

The whole truth and nothing but the truth. If these were words to live by then some of us be in trouble. Most people make a habit out of lying on a daily basis. Everyone tells a lie every now and then. Most lies are those little white lies, the ones to keep out of trouble, and the stupid ones that make no sense.
There are little white lies that are told to keep from hurting someone else's feelings. These are answers to questions that cannot be answered with the truth. "Do I look fat?" is the number one question that should always be answered with a little white lie. A person does not want to insult another human being therefore they tell a small fib to keep from harm. No one is going to come right out and say "Yes you look like a hog!" Sometimes the truth is just plain mean and above all rude. The question of whether or not what a person is wearing looks good or not is another significant time to tell a little white lie. Again the person is not going to directly insult the person. This question has no real meaning to it anyway. Usually it is a girl fishing for a compliment. If it is said that they look good then girls typically say they don't. If it is said that they look bad, then it is best to run as fast as you can. Whether it is Christmas or a birthday, there is always those occasions when a bad present is given. No one wants to admit they hate the gift. This would hurt the giver's feelings severely. It is known that a gift may always be exchanged or returned, so there is no need to upset anyone. White lies are sometimes unavoidable in some situations.
People do stupid things and lying just happens to fall into this category. It is not the act of lying but simply the times that a lie is used. There are times when a person knows that they are caught doing something wrong so they quickly think of a lie off the top of their head. Like the old saying states, "Caught with your pants down," falls into this category. A child may be perched o the counter with chocolate smeared across their face, with the cookie jar open and say that, "no I am not eating cookies before supper." Another famous example is the old ball through a window story. Little Tommy is out playing with a baseball when a window shatters from the force of a flying ball. Outside stands Tommy with a bat in one hand and no one around. Little Tommy then proceeds to say that he didn't...

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