Communal Harmony Essay

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I think I must be very frank in stating that I felt a dram of reluctance when I came across this topic at first. To me it seemed that oodles of things have hitherto been written about this topic till date and there is nothing new to write about this passé topic. But on second thought I was haunted by my pangs of conscience. Truely a lot has been said about this topic but the question remains as to whether this genre of writings has contributed to solving of this looming dark cloud of ominous doom that presently hovers over our country at the micro level and over the world at the macro level. But why are we ruffling our feathers over such an issue? Why is it so relevant for our present times? Let us discuss.As we all know the core criterion for a country's national integrity is its communal harmony and especially for a country like ours where oodles of people of different caste creed and religion live in unison, maintaining a delicate balance amongst various such kaleidoscopic communities is the bare necessity for the smooth functioning of our country. But is it not already well established in our country, otherwise how could it have run for such a long period of time? Well the matter is not so simple to draw a conclusion about. If we pan our vision we will see that at the nook and corners of our country are popping up some anti communal forces who work silently, almost imperceptibly, to break the very integrity of...

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