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Communicating Goals To Stakeholders With A Vision Statement

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Sure, most company heads know what they want their organizations to become in the future, but unfortunately unless those goals are communicated to the members who are able to position the company in such a manner to arrive at that destination, the organizations are likely to end up somewhere unintended. If those leaders fail to communicate the vision and the culture to guide the organization in the right direction, the vision of the leader is likely to never be fully realized. As Laurence J. Peter comically stated, “If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”

The concept of a vision statement, if approached correctly and if properly crafted, can ensure the direction and culture of an organization. This occurs because a vision statement expresses what you want your organization to look like in the future. It is the source of focus and inspiration, as well as the framework for any strategic planning.

Mission and vision statements are very similar and sometimes confused, but they are crafted for different purposes and focus on different timeframes. The mission statement is concerned with the current and overall goals of an organization; it states the reason for the organization’s existence. The vision statement; however, is what the organization wants to become in the future.

I most certainly agree, as some have argued, that “culture is not created by words plastered on the wall or carried around on laminated cards,” (Bradt, 2008, p.13) but that culture is created by the actions of the leadership. However, it is the combination of mission statement, visions statements, and core values that should guide corporate decisions and establish the culture of the organization. If adhered to, the vision statement guides the...

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