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Communication: A Reflective Essay

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Communication serves various purposes, takes different forms, communication has six characteristics, and trains us how to communicate interpersonally. Communication meets people’s physical, relational, spiritual needs and fills identity needs of human needs. Communication naturally follows a certain process and there are three models or theories that describe this process. Human communication is taken to an action where the user encodes message and conveys it through a communication channel for the receiver to encode, an interaction which explains that our message are shaped by the feedback we receive from others and the context in which we are interacting, or a transaction where both people in a conversation are simultaneously senders and receivers.
Communication is defined by six characteristics; relies on multiple channels, passes through perpetual filters, people give communication its meaning, communication has literal meanings and relational implications, communication sends a meaning whether intentional or unintentional, and communication is governed by rules. Communication furthermore, has some myths like everyone is an expert in communication, communication will solve any problem, communication can breakdown, communication is inherently good, and more communication is always better.
Interpersonal communication within certain contexts exhibit the certain characteristics; interpersonal communication occurs between two people, it occurs within a relationship, interpersonal communication also evolves within a relationship, and it in addition negotiates and defines and relationships. Interpersonal communication matters in human life because it is pervasive, it can improve our relationships, and can improve our health. To build communication competence communication requires that we communicate effectively and appropriately, adapt to different situations with easy, be emphatic in our communication, practice cognitive complexity, and be ethical when...

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