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Communication Among Residents At Addison Essay

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Communication Among Residents
The residents of Addison are able to communicate with eachother and stay updated on what is happening in the town by a monthly eNewsletter, social Media (Twitter and Facebook), and the local newspaper.

Community Strengths and Citizens Perceptions of the Town
Through talking with residents in various locations, Addison has proven to have many strengths. There is a variety of housing affordable for all families; balance of housing types, with 58 percent single-family homes, 9 percent townhomes, and 34 percent multi-family homes. The location is seen as a huge strength by many. It is located right off of 355 with easy access to both industrial and commercial areas. The Village Services, aside from the snow removal of this winter season has proven to be a favorite of the community’s members. There is an immense amount of diversity within the town with good schools and local colleges. Overall the residents of Addison find it to be a good, family oriented community that has a strong and friendly community spirit.
Current City Plans
During a phone interview with Joseph Block the city’s current plans for improvement were discussed. Most of the main concerns for the Village are to create more single and multi-family homes for families and senior citizens. The empty lot on Mill and Army Trail Roads is the front runner for creating these homes. A section of the lot cannot be utilized due to flood zones, but the remaining area would be ideal for single-family senior housing.
There is a 20-acre lot located on Lombard road that is currently being used by schools, the park district, and recreational clubs as a park. The Village hopes to develop a new residential area here or improve the community open space and keep it as that. Since a concern of the residents is the current lack of housing, the site could accommodate a few different types of housing.
The old location of the “Shemin Landscape Supply is an excellent location at an intersection of two major roadways, this would allow for either commercial or residential uses”(Block, J, February, 22, 2014, Phone Interview). From a residential perspective, the plan suggests that the northern area of the site would be best utilized if moderate-density single-family homes were in...

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