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Communication is the key to developing a team that is cohesive and focused in order to be successful. Although, different learning styles and different personality types, open communication will help each team member share their suggestions, ideas and opinions. Communication aids in situations where there is conflict within the group when it has been effectively or successfully established. While establishing a successful team, each individual should communicate their strengths and weaknesses, as well as, what skills they encompass that they can bring to the table.CollaborationHow do we create a team that is successful and able to communicate with one another productively and successfully? What is the strategy behind an effective team? We must first look at the team members individually. As individuals, we can bring a host of competing differences to a group. The differences together are the basis of group conflict and the assurance of inclusive, collaborative work. Because each person has their own way of thinking, their own beliefs, personality and ideas, a group of individuals should be successful with communicating with one another as long as everyone is open to another's suggestions or they meet on common ground. Teams require both leadership and a collaborative process that converts the obstacles of difference into the strengths of diversity. Having and improving upon the team's communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills enables them to become a highly efficient and productive unit. This would involve determining who the team members are and how they interact with other people. It is typified by several things such as their emotions of anticipation for an assignment, their excitement and optimism to participate and their interaction with other team members. The strategy therefore, is getting to know the team as individuals, by communicating with one another and learning what the expectations are from each member of that team. We must identify individual learning styles and personality types in order to collaborate as a successful unit.Identity Personality TypesIsabel Briggs Meyers quoted,"We cannot safely assume that other peoples minds work on the sameprinciples as our...

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