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Communication And Cooperation Essay

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Human, Society and Social Norms
As it was mentioned in previous section, human being is considered as a social being that cares about social norms and his own social image once he is dealing with other people in a community. An isolated human being is either often rejected or ignored in society. He cannot be as successful as the cooperative members, since he has to learn all by himself and doesn’t benefit from social learning that can only come through social cooperative interactions. Therefore, one can claim observing the social norms might also benefits each individual as well as the whole community which is perusing a certain goal. Living in a modern world makes it even more challenging ...view middle of the document...

The community is holding the member together and the members are working for the community to survive. So there is a mutual interaction between the two. But does this explanation make any sense when it comes to the theory of Natural Selection by Darwin? Since this theory favors selfish behavior over altruistic manner, we expect less number of cooperative members in next generations or less number of members who carry cooperation genes (if it is something genetically transferred)
Boyd and Richerson (2005) argue that heritable tendencies to behave altruistically towards non-relatives are doom to elimination based on natural selection. In this article, the authors make an interesting assumption about some compassionate caring females who decide to voluntarily suckle the orphaned babies of other women. The consequence of this altruistic action will lead to the point that these “companionate” females would not have enough milk for their own babies who have inherited this propensity. Thus in each generation there would be less number of genes with a tendency to suckle orphans, and finally this inherited tendency will disappear.
The above perspective that Natural Selection takes towards cooperation and altruism can be plausible amongst animals, but it doesn’t work for human beings. Since not only the cooperative behaviors and altruism has not been eliminated over the time, but also it has been growing on a quite large scale among people. Cooperation and helping the relatives are happening among animals. Animals are more willing to care for their own relatives than for strangers. And even towards their own relative, the cooperation is never as complex as in humans. For example among chimpanzees even mother do not share the equal amount of food with their own offspring. They allow their offspring to take food from them but according to Ueno and Matsuzawa ( 2004) , female chimpanzees mostly share the shells, husks and peelings with the baby chimpanzee.
On the other hand, we often see that human being is open to help not only his...

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