Communication And Ict Case Study

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Communication and ICT Case Study

Tesco and ICT

ICT is vital to Tesco. Every aspect of their operation is controlled
or monitored by ICT - stock, distribution, payroll, communication
methods, and so on. ICT is essential to the running of a modern store.
It is used for planning, monitoring, auditing and communicating
between store operations.

For example, when an item has its barcode read at the checkout, the
system not only logs the price onto the till, but also logs the
financial transaction between Tesco and the customer and the fact that
the tock has been reduced by one item. On the distribution side,
instructions from the mainframe computer are sent directly to forklift
truck operators at depots by radio links. This shows the integration
of departments by using ICT.

All stores are connected to the mainframe at Head Office via the Tesco
Network. There are a large number of different applications that
stores use both independently and via the mainframe connection. For
example, there are Personnel and Scheduling systems in store, and
access to electronic mail via the mainframe.

ICT in Communication

Tesco need to communicate with a range of individuals and
organisations. Including their customers, their competitors and their
suppliers. Good communication in Tesco is essential if it is going to
achieve its objectives and to operate effectively. Tesco have a lot of
channels of communication internally/externally between their
functional areas. Tesco rely on the emphasis of ICT to communicate
with people. ICT has had a dramatic effect on the way communication
takes place.

Communication is vital to Tesco because then everyone is clear about
objectives, there is smooth and accurate communication both within the
organisation (internal) and between the organisation and other
individuals (external), ideas and views are clearly heard and everyone
in the organisation is kept informed of developments and changes.
Tesco uses letters, reports, fax, phone, e-mail, and memos to
communicate with people.

Internal and External Communication

Internal communication is communication that takes place within an
organisation, while external communication takes place between the
organisation and the outside world. Both communications have been
transformed by rapid developments in ICT. Tesco have a linked internal
communication system - an internal network, links with customers - a
system for e-commerce and links with other businesses - e-business.
Together theses links create the networked economy, which vastly
increases the potential of business to connect with employees,
customers, other businesses, shareholders.

Internal use of ICT in Tesco

Tesco use Electronic Mail a lot to communicate with its functional
departments and the members of The Board. Meetings...

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