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Communication And Leadership In Health Care

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This paper employs multiple research techniques and sources to give a holistic analyst of the partnerships developed with people from different division of a healthcare organization. I identify problems from my personal experience as an Ophthalmic Technician and System Analyst for the Department of Ophthalmology at The Ohio State University Medical Center. The Literature Review, Analysis, and Solutions sections are based on research and without personal reflection. This paper addresses two questions. First, has Personal Health Records (PHR) made communication simpler and safer for the healthcare industry? Second, how to improve communication between Information Technology services and Healthcare providers? These two questions are important to understand an organization’s behavior as it adopts new technology.
The Ohio State University Medical Center comprises of five hospitals: University Hospital, The James, Ross Heart Hospital, University Hospital East, and Harding Hospital and hundred of specialty clinics located around Columbus, Ohio. Its mission is to improve people’s lives through innovation in research, education and patient care. In order to improve patient care, the Ohio State University Medical Center adopted Personal Health Records two years ago. Personal Health Records has changed how the hospital communicates and interacts with patients.
An Ophthalmic Technician works with Ophthalmologists who specialize in eye diseases. In this role I assist each physician by gathering health information and performing ophthalmic testing when required by the physician and accurately enter data into the patient’s electronic medical record. As a system analyst I create and edit features within the Personal Health Records database to decrease billing errors, increase collections and to make workflow more efficient. This gratification in my career helped me realized the importance of integrating clinical and technology knowledge and to seek education at the Master’s level to improve my ability to assist in the use of technological tools to improve service to our patients, our physicians, and our staff.
The Ohio State University Medical Center identifiable issues with regards to the development, integration, and use of PHR is the lack of communication and understanding between healthcare providers, information technology services, and patients. Effective communication requires the utilization of collaboration and leadership to create an organization that uses innovated technology to provide the highest level of patient care.

Problem Statement
Personal Health Records have improved patient care, but as an organization the Ohio State University Medical Center is not embracing change and working together to utilize technology. The problem is poor communication and leadership, due to poor understanding of the clinicians need.
Information technology services update the PHR program without first understanding what...

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