Communication And Personality In Negotiation Paper

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At the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority (GOAA), negotiations are a daily process in which some decisions are made. Negotiations can be between the GOAA itself, between the GOAA and its vendors and finally between GOAA and the Union. Negotiations are must in this type of industry in order to make all operations fall into place and to make everything run as smooth as possible.Inter-Organizational NegotiationDecision must be made on a daily basis between every department within GOAA and sometimes negotiations are part of the decision making process. When negotiations must be made within GOAA it is preferred to have a "non-zero-sum", or a "win-win" situation. This particular strategy is ideal so both parties with the same organization benefit. Each party will bend and tweak what they can in order to comply with what the other party wants. This is value creation. This will also help with unity within the whole organization. Everyone has some sort of factor that helps lead to the negotiating terms.For example, the security checkpoints within the airport can be time consuming and rather tedious when trying to complete a particular job. It is understood that the security process takes time, but at the same time, some duties need to be accomplished in a timely manner. After this problem had been brought to attention, the heads of each department began negotiating a way to alleviate this issue. After negotiating the terms for both parties, a decision was made to add another "employee only" line and expedite employees over the vendors to improve efficiency and the means to respond to emergency situations quicker. GOAA emergency first-responders basically have an "express-lane" type privilege at all times just to ensure such services. All other employees must go through the required screening of the vehicles and person to enter the sensitive area.Negotiations between GOAA and vendorsSince McCoy Air force Base became Orlando International Airport thirty years ago GOAA and the airlines have been under contract. This contract was implemented for thirty years and was thought to be ideal for the time and for the most part was. As times changed and economic conditions changed as well, this contract was no longer viable to GOAA nor the airlines. As of October 2008, the contract was null and void and time to draw up a new contract. In the past, the airlines were financially secure and had a major say in what GOAA did with its monies and what projects monies would be allocated to.Prior to October 2008, a new contract was in the works and had to be negotiated with the airlines. This would turn out to be a daunting task. GOAA now has the upper hand in the situation because of the ailing airlines and the economic status. Instead of another 30-year contract GOAA has decided to bind the contract on 3-year increments. This negotiation was one of the two interdependent types; this was the "zero-sum" type.The "zero-sum" type of negotiation is when both parties need each...

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