Communication Apprehension Theory: The Gap Of Public Speaking

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Communication Apprehension Theory With a Work Task

The paper will aim to discuss how motivation and reward can be effective with a work task. These will be determined by someone’s position and where they stand with the task that needs to be accomplished. Rewards can increase someone’s motivation to complete a task and that can be beneficial for them. Examining rewards given for effectively completing a task can increase a person’s motivation to work their absolute hardest on a task in the workplace. Through various studies and research, this idea has been proven to be true with a person’s mindset on carrying out a feared communication work task.
Sometimes it may be difficult to express how you feel about carrying out fear of a communication work task. When people fear to communicate about a work task it can potentially lead to bigger problems. We live in a day and age where communication is the most important thing in order to complete work tasks. One of the most important things is to know when to use effective communication, even when fear is involved. A more concise, specific issue would be, are people be more likely to carry out a feared communication task if there’s a reward? Also, what makes people get over anxiety to face their fears, taking part in a feared communication task? This idea has been explored and theories have been created to further research the issue. Here, however, the gap pertaining to someone missing specific context in the work place for this are public speaking, proposals, interviews, speeches, and presentations will be further explored. There is truly a case to be made about someone’s specific job level and their motivation to complete a feared work task. This paper will attempt to give background on theories that are related and relevant and research, introduce the theory, address gaps, and identify key concepts as well as theoretical and operational definitions. The paper will then go on to define linkages, address the controlling factors, describe the hypothesis, deal with experimental studies, and finally inquire how all of this ties together.
Literature Review
The theory that I modified was Communication Apprehension Theory. Communication apprehension is defined as a “fear or anxiety associated with either real or anticipated communication with another person” (Holbrook, 1987). This relates to our theory because the feared communication anticipated with another person is the reason why that person may have anxiety. In Shermis’s article it talks about this being common with public speaking in a workplace or even a school. The first part of the article talked about strategies to improve communication apprehension. The strategies the article discussed about overcoming speech anxiety were “creating a support group atmosphere, employing relaxation exercises and systematic desensitization techniques, improving confidence through cognitive reconstructing, and completing an abbreviated public speaking...

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