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Communication Barriers: The Case Of Hunter Worth

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In today’s society many American companies are becoming globalized and are turning to contracting outside of the U.S. as a way to gain economic advantages. However, the globalized world does face challenges just as non-globalized businesses. Some of these challenges include socio-cultural views, values, ethics, etc. Thus, the case study of Hunter-Worth will help me to understand how socio-cultural differences create problems that influence globalized companies and their management. An example of socio-cultural differences this paper will focus on is communication. There are many barriers to communication and these barriers may occur at any period in the communication process. ...view middle of the document...

Hence, through the grapevine, Vicente found out about the incident involving Chuck and his email through his boss. Vicente felt that if Chuck would have picked up a phone and called the situation wouldn’t have been blown out of proportion. From this dilemma work related relationships has been destroyed and will impact the company negatively moving forward.
Consequently, the communication barrier has negatively impacted the company. Although doing business in Mexico can be very beneficial to American businesses, managers and leaders have to consider socio-cultural factors that can hinder the business productivity in America. Research has indicated that Mexican workers and managers do welcome exposure to American business methods. However, In Mexico, if there is no strong, organized force that has a strong sense of emotional, religious, or authority basis, no one follows the rules. It has also been researched and said that for efficient and profitable operations in Mexico, a U.S. company must work within Mexican behavioral expectations and avoid overbearing superiority. Thus, this is an example between Chuck and Vicente. Chuck became overbearing and aggressive which lead to a huge miscommunication and misunderstanding.


There are many reasons why communications may fail. In many communications, the message may not be received exactly the way the sender intended. It is, for that reason, critical that the communicator seeks feedback and opinions to check that their message is clearly understood. By seeking feedback and opinions from others can enhance effective communication. Daft (2012) explained that it is important for managers to understand that communication channels has advantages and disadvantages and can be effective means of communication in the appropriate circumstances. Research has found that channels differ in their ability to convey information. As a result, I recommend that managers understand the importance of selecting the appropriate channel of communication. For the instance of Chuck and Vicente emailing wasn’t the right choice. Daft (2012) stated that using...

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