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“Opposites Attract?”One of the main problems of relationships between men and women is communication. Communication is a vital part for a healthy long lasting relationship. The most successful couples are the ones who are comfortable talking with one another. Unfortunately, most couples have an issue with this. Often times, they do not share the same interests as they would normally share with close same sex friends. The individuals that make up a couple have to find a way to balance conversations with the two entities. This clash between spouse and close personal friends lead to arguments. After a while, these arguments will take its toll and eventually end the relationship abruptly. A relationship cannot exist without good communication.The first article “His Talk, Her Talk” by Joyce Maynard brings up the idea of “men’s talk” and “women’s talk”. This idea is basically communication between the same sex excluding, whether it’d be on purpose or not, the opposite sex. Maynard brings up her personal experiences dealing with this same idea as the men were “segregated” in one room while all of the women in another separate room. The consensus among the women felt their conversations was simply more interesting. Another point is about her husband and the fact she has no idea what he talks about with his male counterparts. She theorizes that their respective conversations have the same subject but the difference is the way each sex carry out the actual conversation itself. She concludes that men take a more direct approach in talking with the opposite sex while women take more time to converse.One of the strengths of Maynard’s article is that it catches the couple’s eye. She does a wonderful job in bringing up many of her personal experiences. For instance, she writes, “When Steve tells a story, the points is, as a rule, the ending, and getting there by the most direct route. It may be a good story, told with beautiful precision, but he tells tit the way he eats a banana: in three efficient chews, while I cut mine up and savor it.” (Mayburn 29) This keeps the couple wanting to read more and more. The problem with this is that it is based only with her experiences on the subject. As is the case when, Mayburn writes, “At a party I attended the other night it suddenly became apparent that all the women were in one room and all the men were in the other . . . No one suggested we segregate.” (Mayburn 28) Since this is based on her experience the article is biased and one sided. She also describes a very specific situation that is not nearly detailed enough. The reader does not get the whole picture.The second reading “Man To Man, Woman To Woman” by Mark A. Sherman and Adelaide Hass main point is that couples do not have...

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Communication Between Men and Women Essay

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