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With various learning styles and personality types dictate the process of communication and collaboration among individuals

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Communication and Collaboration Strategy

With all the various personalities types in the world today it is important to understand the process of communication and collaboration with different groups and individuals. While it is important to recognize these different learning styles, it is also of equal importance to be to adapt a strategy to communicate effectively and collaborate among them to reach a common goal. As we look at Verbal Linguistic, Intrapersonal, and Interpersonal as just some of the few different learning styles and Organizer, Giver, and Adventurer as different personality types these are some of the possible strategies to communicate and collaborate with them.

Verbal Linguistic learning allows you the ability to be able to communicate thru language thru speech, writing, reading and listening. This is a very important skill to have because it allows you the ability to be able to rewrite notes, good memorization and be able to teach someone else with the use of humor, understanding the syntax and meaning of words and convincing someone else of there point of view. With having this remarkable ability you can repeat back everything you have ever told them word for word. Intrapersonal learning would be evaluating your own thinking. Also being aware of and being able to expressing feelings. They do best in a self-paced instruction, individualized projects and working alone. With having an understanding will help in the relations to others. Communicating and collaborating with this learning type would best be done in a quiet setting? Working together, to visualize information and keeping all that information in a journal. Interpersonal learning describes...

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