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Being a good public speaker is an important skill to have because it improves various areas of everyday life. Public speaking improves communication skills which as a result improves relationships with others. Listening and understanding what someone is saying makes it easier to respond to them in an appropriate way and having that form of effective communication makes people want to have more interactions in the future. One of the most important skills obtained from public speaking is that it improve confidence in one’s communicating skills and increases one’s ability to read people. Being able to read others and understand their emotions and nonverbal communication helps someone understand ...view middle of the document...

A recited speech is boring and lacks energy and excitement unlike a more conversational sounding speech. In addition to sounding relaxed it is important to work on hand motion and eye contact because in 90% of all communication is nonverbal so what a speaker does with their body is just as important as what they say. Poor body language can make a speaker come off as shy, bored or uncomfortable all of which the audience will pick up on. When a speaker is uncomfortable the audience is uncomfortable. However the most important thing to do is to practice the speech multiple times before hand. It will help cut down on the amount of filler words such as um and like which distract the audience and causes them to lose focus on the topic of the speech or what the speaker is saying in between the ums and likes.
While there are some commonalities planning a persuasive speech requires a different skill set than the ones used when planning an informative speech. When planning a persuasive speech it is important to pick a topic that isn’t common sense or that everyone already agrees upon like using protection, wearing a helmet or that people should recycle. I t is best to pick a topic that is creative or people don’t know a lot about. A common sense topic or a topic the audience already knows a lot about is usually unexciting and the audience has already heard the arguments for or against it so it is hard to be interesting and original. Secondly when picking a topic, speakers should pick a topic they are passionate about so that passion and emotion will be represented when they go to perform a speech. It is easier to convince an audience to do something about an issue when the speaker actually cares about the issue and is involved with topic outside of giving the speech. When planning and writing a persuasive speech it is best to appeal to the listener’s thoughts, feelings, experiences and situations every member of the audience can relate to. If the audience is emotionally attached to the issue or can see how the topic impacts them they are more likely to be moved to action, which is the point of a persuasive speech. When researching a speaker should be sure to use resources with experts and people who are well versed in the field as it makes the speaker seem more credible and will help convince members of the audience who were previously undecided. Finally the most important thing to do when planning a persuasive speech is to conclude the speech by telling the listeners how to solve the problem or fix the issue or how to get involved. The point of a persuasive speech is to move and audience to action. The speech is a waste of time if it moves an audience to want to get involved but they don’t know how. If they are unsure of how to help chances are they won’t pursue the topic further.
Regardless there are some things that need to be done no matter what type of speech a presenter is giving. The first is to relate the speech to the audience as...

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