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Communication Patterns Of Children During Conflict

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As we grow up, we are socialized into the proper norms to be successful in society. The socialization process starts right from birth. Babies observe and try to mimic their parents and eventually their siblings or peers. Conflict is a part of life that children need to use to develop skills on resolving disagreements; conflict is not always bad. Peer conflict, however, can lead to aggressive behavior because of significant emotional and physical harm. Many youth lack the social skills needed to handle their aggravation.
Peer conflict communicates joint disagreement or aggression between peers or peer groups. Peer conflict is characterized as conflict between people of equal or similar power also known as friends. These types of conflicts occur occasionally, are unplanned, and do not involve violence or result in serious harm. The instigating party of peer conflict does not want power or attention. However, peer conflict can snowball into violence. Those engaged in violence and hostility usually have similar emotional reactions; most demonstrate some remorse and dedication when trying to resolve the problem. Conflict resolution education can do well only if children actively share in communication, that is if they speak for themselves and socialize with both adults and other children. Baraldi and Iervese’s article Dialogic Mediation in Conflict Resolution Education validates that taking into consideration children as competent social agents allows healthier understanding of conflict resolution education (2010). The article also establishes that coordination linking adults and children enhances the dialogic mediation in circumstances of conflict that involves children. Conflict can block the ongoing communication process. On account of blocking communication, conflict jeopardizes the authenticity of conditions of sociality, and this often leads to considering conflict destructive. Adults mediate children’s interaction and in doing so adults need to learn the necessary tools to helping our children handle conflict. In school and at home, it is important to help develop social skills. Skills such as building friendships, emotional regulation, problem solving, and being supportive are best learned at an elementary-school age. Children are taught what is socially acceptable through reward and consequence. Once children reach adolescents age, it is best to teach conflict resolution techniques. By implementing peer mediation, the children learn how to recognize a conflict and learn how to resolve a conflict on their own. At the middle and high school age level, it is also important to practice respectful and positive behaviors. At this age adolescents are going through hormonal changes and if adults focus on practicing positive respectful behaviors the habits will form and the child will have the natural skills to interact at an adult level.
Focusing on the individual, factors of peer conflict like problem solving, self-regulation, and language...

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