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Do you feel our managers are effectively communicating with their teams? When you hit send within your virtual world of daily communication, will the receiver actually receive it? By receiving, we imply the act of absorbing the information, processing it as requested and responding in an intelligent fashion. When managers communicate intermittently, their team suffers in many ways, such as meeting deadlines and being prepared for meetings and presentations. Streamlining communication in the legal affairs department will improve employee efficiency, facilitate decision-making processes, and increase department morale.
Improving employee efficiency is one of the best ways to improve a company’s success and increase revenues. Jeffrey Katezenberg, co-founder of DreamWorks states “Our philosophy is that if you love your work, and you love coming to work, then the work will be exceptional” (6). Drawing on the simplistic idea that content workers create and produce valuable work product allows us to initiate the process of creating a happy work environment. Create a culture which encompasses everyone, without singling out managers and those in upper level positions, which further allows employees to feel compensated by being involved with the company’s success. If employees are not efficient, the company is not efficient. Therefore, company revenues suffer in the long-term. Most companies are behind in the times in regards to allowing team members to have a voice, these managers are grasping at the controls too tightly.
As reported by Maureen Soyars and Justin Brusino Soyars, employees should feel engaged and informed (63). Companies must start from the beginning, the moment an employee walks through their doors and begins orientation. Company core principals, values and overall goals are the main focus points in an orientation setting. If employees are knowledgeable about company goals, they can feel a sense of achievement in being a part of the team that helps the company reach those goals. Oftentimes employees work in a bubble where they are not completely informed as to why they are completing tasks. If the whole puzzle of how their contribution to the circle of tasks plays out, they feel more contributable to the project.
How does employee efficiency affect the organization as a whole? As stated by Syed Neiman Raza, et al., global companies face many challenges in order to remain competitive in the market such as “ embracing technology, managing change, keeping the customers satisfied, developing intellectual assets, and containing costs” (258). In order for these factors to stay within the company’s core values, it requires the assistance of well-equipped employees. We are responsible for the culture value we develop through the vision of our employees. If employees do not feel motivated or part of the success of the company, the company suffers in all challenges mentioned above. The result affects revenues and the production of...

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