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Communication In Personal And Professional Relationships

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The results of my Insightfulness snapshot in Appendix A indicate that I am normally excellent at understanding what people have to say although there can be circumstances I misread what the sender is saying and I contract the wrong impression. My snapshot of Self-Disclosure in Appendix B explains that I am occasionally open with my friends but I do not constantly share each personal detail with them. I would agree with most of these results because of the type of person I am and the relationships I have formed. I definitely concur that the majority of the time I have an excellent idea of what people are communicating to me, although there is the odd instance I am completely mistaken with my judgment. I would say predominantly I am well aware of what people are communicating. Furthermore I am an empathetic person and I know when I need to adjust my behavior to suit the situation accordingly. I agree with the snapshots and with time I believe both the messages I send will improve and the messages I receive will have more meaning and use to how I carry myself throughout diverse situations. In regards to self-disclosure I would agree and disagree with a few of the points made. I from time to time allow my friends in on my emotions and feelings, but I also think I have a good balance of sharing only what is necessary towards building a better relationship. There are a number of people in my life who I am close with but do not feel the need to share my intimate thoughts with. This is mostly because I have a small yet powerful support system already and I do not feel the need to have that closeness with all the friends. I think it is crucial to open up to the most important people in your life but very personal details should be kept private to others. I disagree with the test in a way because since I have close relationships established I do not feel the psychological need to do the same with all others I meet. Therefore I do not feel I am lacking by keeping certain feelings and information private.
I have a number of values and beliefs that I feel are extraordinarily important to efficiently communicate with others. I value honesty, modesty, rationality, and empathy when communicating with one another. I believe it is essential to be aware of the boundaries you can cross in each circumstance. Although my way of life may be different from others I recognize when it is not appropriate to share my thoughts, or support them with an argument. Everyone has a different set of values and it is easy to offend them if you aren’t careful in watching what you say. Subsequently in regards to self-disclose I believe that it is of the essence we share and have an open relationship with our friends and family, be open to new ideas, and do not judge a book by its cover. Although I would like to acknowledge that there is a boundary that should not be crossed, and in certain relationships it is possible to share a surplus of information. Self-disclosure is a...

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