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Communication In Romantic Relationships Essay

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Friendships and romantic relationships makes our lives go round. Without them our lives would be dull and lonely. Unlike family members, we are allowed to choose our friends and lovers. There are various levels of friendships and diverse forms of romantic relationships, and they can all lead to being close, intimate, and loving. Both friendships and romances considerably enrich the well-being of our physical and mental state. Friendships can lead to romantic relationships, and romantic relationships can lead to just being friends.
Unrequited romantic interest occurs when one person attempts to redefine a friendship as a romantic relationship, but the other partner rejects that attempt. It is a person’s desire for a more intimate, romantic relationship than the other partner. In most cases where unrequited romantic interest arises, awkwardness and embarrassment for both partners happen. The rejected partner feels discouraged, and the other partner feels the need to act differently. But in some cases, the friendship is preserved and both partners worked at maintaining the friendship which keeps the relationship open, honest, solid, and long-lasting.
Each of us communicates with one another expecting a result. With an unrequited romantic interest the result could be a negative one. Unrequited love is also pretty common, “…it is a typical pattern to pursue another who has little interest in you, or to be pursued without interest in returning the other’s interest.” (McCarthy, 2006, p. 249) For example, a best friend proposes that since they are such amazing friends, that they should try their relationship at a different, more intimate level. The other person says no, giving the reason that it will ruin their friendship. The best friend just created an unrequited romantic interest and possibly an awkward situation.
While attempting to establish a relationship, one may use strategies to seek out how the other person feels about them. Affinity-seeking strategies are strategies we use to increase others’ liking of us. “First, it is a strategic activity, that is, the individual is actively engaged in the manipulation of certain social behaviors with intended outcomes. Second, individuals possess a repertoire of strategies that are at their disposal, and these strategies are available to the agent at any point in time.” (Flint, 1992) Communicating your attraction to someone increases the probability that your partner will reciprocate, which enriches their attraction to the other person. Simple gestures could increase chances of establishing a deeper relationship. There are also direct and indirect strategies to get an idea of another person’s feelings.
Direct strategies would be verbal cues. Verbal cues would include using more informal and personal language and the increase of “you and I” and “we.” Indirect strategies would be nonverbal imminence. Indirect strategies could be sitting closer to someone, making more eye contact, increasing...

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