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Communication In Society Today Essay

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Communication is an interdependent process of sending, receiving, and understanding messages. The definition implies that the components of the communication process cannot be examined separately. Rather, the relationship exists between the sender and the receiver, as well as the environment of the communication event, must be viewed as a whole. According to this perspective, if any of the components and circumstances change (that is, the number of individuals involved in the interaction, seating arrangements, or the time of the day) the communication event is altered. Communication is an ongoing process; we never stop sending and receiving messages. As we will discover, communication is a dynamic process, a process that changes from one communication setting to the next. Although it is difficult to predict, the ways of interpreting communication, certain components are always present in the communication process.
As we use communication in our day-to-day living, there should be an assurance that the sender and the receiver should be able to communicate properly or else communication is not effective after all. The sender should be able to deliver the message as clear and concise as possible so that the receiver will understand and grasp the message well. On the other hand, the receiver should be wise enough and process the message well so as to avoid misunderstanding. However, we could not avoid that there are certain barriers when it comes to communication- different values, beliefs and personality, bad grammar and wrong word choice are few of the factors that complicate communication. Consequently, there is a way to avoid complications in communication. It is advisable to have communication face-to-face. In this certain manner, both can respond immediately. Any form of confusion can be cleared up easily. We say communication is important so it is then right to emphasize the significance by placing some effort. Face-to-face communication is also about practicality. One cannot consider it practical to send through emails if there is a need of immediate reply. This will just hinder the process.
Nowadays, the emergence of social media gives the people an alternative of the communication we were used to. Emails or chat is recently used rather than having it personally. People find it easy to communicate in that way for it will consume less of their time, thus paving the way for more work to be done in contrast to personal communication, there is a lot time consumed for travelling to the meeting place, waiting, settling and the time consumed to go back to work. In the corporate world, it is rampant. There is only an exception when it comes to emergency or other important matters. For overseas workers, it seems to be helpful so that the family can still keep in touch with one another regardless of the distance between them. For the common people, they use it rather than meeting up personally due to busy schedule. Some of them are even using it so as...

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