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Communication In The Films, Christmas In August, Oasis, The Brotherhood Of War And A Single Spark

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Communications is a way for a person to get their thoughts and feelings to another person. Communications takes many forms, ranging from verbal to nonverbal communications. Communications can lead to change within the community or it is a way to get something through to a loved one. In the films, Christmas in August, Oasis, The Brotherhood of War and A Single Spark, communication takes many forms and leads to many different messages. The directors of these films uses various different film techniques to convey these forms of communication and the messages associated with it.
In the film Christmas in August, communication takes on various forms. One of the methods of communication is through the usage of voice-overs. These non-diegetic sounds gives an insight into Jung-won's current state. Through the first voice-over scene at the playground, the audience learns that Jung-won is not as healthy as he seems. In fact, the audience learns that his death is near and the voice-over foreshadows it. This is a form communication to the audience. The film director uses this form of communication to help the audience better understand of what is going on. The depiction of communication to the audience is not limited to just voice-overs. Non-diegetic sounds such as the sad music behind certain scenes also contribute to the understanding of what is happening during that particular scene.
The forms of communication is not limited to just non-diegetic sounds. Different camera shots are heavily used to convey the communications between the different characters in the film. The director heavily use point-of-view shots to show the audience the communication between Jung-won and Da-rim. In these shots, the audience often sees Jung-won behind some sort of glass or he is hiding. These shots suggest that there is a barrier between Jung-won and Da-rim. Jung-won would like to communicate the news of impending death to Da-rim, but he is too nervous to tell her about it. One of the scenes that shows this is close to the end of the film where Jung-won is seen behind a window in his photography store with Da-rim standing outside. He reaches for her behind the window, but since there is a window in between them, he will never reach her no matter how much he tries.
Long shots are also used to communicate the feelings of Jung-won towards other characters in the film. The audience sees a lot of long shots when they see Jung-won taking photographs of family. These long shots of the families in the photos help to express the desires of Jung-won to have a family of his own. The wide shots are also used to communicate the happiness within the families having their pictures taken. Family pictures are a time where the family can get together and bond. Jung-won's dedication to taking good family photos shows that he indirectly communicates with the families that he cherish such bonds. At the very end of the film, he takes a photo of himself, suggesting that he...

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