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Communication is the bridge that connects people to each other, involving a source or sender, the person who initiates the message and a receiver or listener or interpreter, the person to whom the message is directed (Canon et al., 2013). It requires, as any other skill, practice to master it and the ability to pass our conceptions to other people in a clear and apparent way. Nonetheless, not everyone communicates the same way.
“Communication researchers have, over time, developed three models to illustrate and explain how the process of communication occurs: Action, Interaction, and … Trancation. The Action Model describes communication as a one-way message, but does ot have the ...view middle of the document...

But we should be very careful when we try to use the verbal and non-verbal communication in the context we want to project our thoughts and ideas. Sometimes they far-reach the idea and other times it could confuse the receiver and we end up passing the wrong idea. Men and women have difficulties understanding each other because they use communication for different needs. How we visually perceive and experience our surrounding, from opinions and beliefs, and how we communicate with each other depends on our perceptions (Cannon, del Pino-Allen, Litchtman, Santelises, & Vellone, 2013). A woman’s sense of communication is defined through her feelings and the quality of her relationships, “the sense of closeness, of a life shared, that emerges when people tell their thoughts, feelings, and impressions”, sharing experiences and asking questions. For example, during conversations, I notice my girlfriend constant use of tag questions such as “isn’t it?”, “don’t you?”, or “right?”
However, a man’s sense of communication is defined through his ability to achieve results, "based on less talking but more on doing things together” (Tannen, 1990). Men like to tell and give information rather than ask questions, avoiding deep conversations. This is so obvious though when I observed my silence as a sign of my undivided attention, which triggers in her a false belief that I am not paying attention, as she worries to cease the conversation, for to her, it is a waste of time. Or if I am courageous enough to give information or insights, she would ungratefully note my efforts as a sign of my lack of understanding. Consequently, we use their communication for different goals.
Misinterpretation of nonverbal communication, such as body languages, makes communication difficult as well. When men do not give the women that same direct eye contact, the women assume that the men are not even paying attention, making their style difficult to communicate. Consider my observation of men and women at meetings. A woman nods her heads to show her attention in conversations. The man thinks she is agreeing with him. He gets surprised later on to her disagreement. She has no idea why he thought she would agree with everything he says. But if she is speaking and he does not nod his head, she assumes he either disagrees or is not listening, not knowing that he nods his head only when he agrees. In addition, if a man won't make eye contact, she may interpret this as a lack of interest. To him, his body position is actually helping him concentrate. Therefore, the difference in style and nonverbal communication makes it, again, difficult for men and women to communicate.
Why is there so much difference in style?
“Perception is complicated and difficult to understand. It is natural to want to understand why a person acts the way he/she does, says what she/he says, or hears what he/she wants to hear… The reason is because each person’s perception is unique and different from everyone...

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