Communication Is So Necessary Yet Often Fails

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Interpersonal SkillsVivienne GlenStudent # 16613Word Count - 2088Communication Is So NecessaryYet Often FailsVivienne Glen, Student No: 16613Australian College of Applied PsychologyAbstractCommunication is not an easy process. It involves verbal and non-verbal attempts to assist the other person to understand what we are trying to communicate. Yet it often fails. This paper discusses communication failure in light of current theory.IntroductionCommunication is vital in society to aid the development of positive relationships by sharing, thoughts, feelings and behaviours with others. Communication is used in attempt to relate with others as a way to fulfil a range of needs and wants. It is used to interact to feel secure about ourselves, to feel accepted, valued and respected also to love and feel loved.Effective interpersonal communication improves many areas in life such as efficiency at work, maturity, health and personal growth. It helps to sustain close relationships with family, friends and colleagues. It takes place in many forms such as face to face, online, telephone, written, film, television or radio. It involves a source and a receiver as well as encoding and decoding.Like anything in life its effectiveness will vary with the choices that are made and the ways they are communicated.Devito (2009) states "Interpersonal communication cannot be prevented (is inevitable), cannot be reversed (is irreversible), and cannot be repeated (is unrepeatable) (p24).It is all based on the choices made the whos, hows and whys of communication. With the right skills, choices in communication can be executed in a way that is appropriate to any situation, without them it is found that some of the time attempts made will fail for one reason or another.DiscussionTo communicate well first it must be understood that the communication process is not a linear one. It is a two way process involving both or all people involved in sending and receiving messages. Communicating begins with the source that transmits a message to the receiver by a range of different channels e.g. verbal, written or non-verbal. Next the receiver will decode the message. In turn this really involves five steps.DeVito (2009)Receiving- hearing, attending, understanding- learning, Deciphering meaningremembering - recalling, retaining, evaluating - judging, criticizing, responding - answering, giving feedback (p80).Being self-aware is an important step to improving interpersonal effectiveness. The way people behave has become a norm for them; they are and have always been that way. Sometimes these behaviours can impact on others. People usually do not want to mention these "blind spots" for fear of hurting feelings, the way they may react to what is said, and the possibility of causing friction in the relationship.By studying the effects of certain types of behaviour or becoming more self aware it is possible to learn more about the impact it has on friends, family, partners and others in...

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