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Communication Management Essay

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Tess Boniface - 3180766IntroductionThe purpose of this assignment is to develop an internal communications strategy for Inchcape. The strategy will have a fundamental impact on the implementation of communication in the organisation. This document also includes an action plan for the communication strategy and how effectiveness can be evaluated.Situation AnalysisInchcape is a publicly listed multinational company specialising in automotive distribution, retail and logistics. Head office is based in the UK with operations in 26 markets across the globe. Over 70% of profits derive from Asia Pacific and emerging markets and 90% of profits come from six leading manufacturer groups. Inchcapes mission, its core purpose is to create an incredible customer experience for the best car brands in the world.Presently within Inchcape there is no particular person who oversees internal communications to ensure communication synergies within the internal business unit Subaru. Over time, consistency and control regarding communication has deteriorated creating misalignment of communications and quite often resulting in a 'free for all' communication approach within the organisation.Field surveys showed that employees overall satisfaction with communication between department team members is relatively high however there is a lack of communication between business units. The marketing department feels as through communication between the aftersales and sales departments could be much better and have addressed that methods for departmental communication facilitation need to be addressed. Whilst the business is satisfied with corporate communications, respondents have indicated that methods for the delivery of corporate information could be improved and that corporate information needs to be delivered in a timelier manner.Direct communication methods; such as one-on-one meetings with managers seem to be far more effective than indirect communication channels such as news bulletins and newsletters. The Intranet was also generating extremely low traffic and use due to lack of regular updating. It was also noted that Inchcapes business goals and priorities could not be found on the intranet, only on an external website. 75% of the team also mentioned that the intranets interface could be updated and improved.Inchcape has recognized the importance of communications, especially internal communication. If they wish to achieve their goal of being the worlds most customer centric automotive brand, they need to overhaul their internal communications strategies within the Subaru business in order to convince employees of the authenticity, importance, and relevance of their company's purpose and strategic goals. To address this situation, we have worked with key stakeholders throughout the business to develop and implement an internal communications strategy tailored to the business' communication needs and challenges.Communication StrategyCommunication relationships are...

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3606 words - 14 pages . Academy of Management Review vol. 9 (1984) pp. 428-437Barge, J. K. (1994a). Leadership: Communication skills for organizations and groups. New York: St. Martin's Press.Barge, J. K. Putting leadership back to work. Management Communication Quarterly vol. 8 (1994b) pp. 95-109Bennis, W. G., & Nanus, B. (1985). Leaders: Strategies for taking charge. New York: Harper & Row.Birdwhistell, R. L. (1959). Contributions of linguistic-kinesic studies to


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