Communication Techniques And Skills Used During The Initial Interview Process To Promote Therapeutic Nurse Client Relationships

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The relationship between a nurse and a client begins from the very first meeting. Therapeutic relationships between nurses and clients are shaped from this very first meeting and are essential to nursing care as they contribute to client satisfaction and optimise clinical outcomes. A nurse can encourage therapeutic nurse-client relationships with clients through communication techniques and skills during the initial interview process. This essay will define therapeutic nurse-client relationships, explain the significance of these relationships to client satisfaction and outcomes and discuss interpersonal communication skills that can be used during the initial interview to help build a therapeutic relationship between nurse and client.

A therapeutic nurse-client relationship is a client focused relationship between a nurse and a client that is developed through the use of interpersonal communication skills and techniques. This form of relationship is considered by educators and health professionals to be the ideal nurse-client relationship (Morse 1991: 458) and is defined as a relationship where both parties are mutually focused on improving the health and wellbeing of the client (Crisp & Taylor 2009: 262; DeLaune & Ladner 2002: 179). DeLaune and Ladner (2002: 179) state that ‘the primary goal of the relationship is the client’s achievement of therapeutic outcomes’. They go on to explain that often the therapeutic relationship is a relationship where the client is vulnerable and confidential information is provided to the care taker. The care provided to the client is planned, goal orientated, focused on the client’s needs, based on theory and has clear boundaries set by the nurse (DeLaune & Ladner 2002: 179). Communication techniques and skills that can be used to promote a therapeutic relationship include active listening, empathy, trust, acceptance and compassion (DeLaune & Ladner 2002: 183 - 185). When a therapeutic relationship is achieved the client is more likely to feel satisfied with the care that has been provided and the client’s overall wellbeing may be influenced positively.

A therapeutic nurse-client relationship is beneficial to clients’ wellbeing and contributes to client satisfaction with care as it optimises clinical outcomes, encourages client contribution and reduces the client’s feeling of vulnerability while increasing feelings of empowerment. Curley (1998: 69) states that client satisfaction is subjective to comfort provided by the nurse within the nurse-client relationship and that caring promotes comfort and reduces suffering. Robinson (1996: 167) agrees with this when stating that ‘health care relationships have been recognized as a significant influence on satisfaction with care’. Robinson then expands on this sentiment to say that the therapeutic nurse-client relationship not only influences satisfaction with care but it also influences effectiveness of care (1996: 167). This occurs because clients...

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