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Communication Models Essay

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Communication is essential to human life. Every aspect of our daily lives is affected by our communication with others. It can be different types such as verbal, nonverbal and written communication. It is indeed a complex process filled with countless elements, all of which play an important role. The process of communication between human beings has been studied and analyzed outwardly since the beginning of time. The term itself cannot be defined in only one particular way because communication exists in a certain context and is dependable on the communicator and the audience. Example of describing communication is as “the transmission of information, ideas, attitudes or emotions from one person or group to another (or others) primarily through symbols” and “social interaction through messages” (McQuail, 1993). Furthermore, Watson and Hill describe the process of communication as “one which begins when a message is thought up by a sender, who then encodes the message before transmitting it through a particular channel to a receiver, who in turn decodes the message with a certain effect as an outcome” (Price, 1998).The complexity of the whole process is seen through the use of verbal and nonverbal communication on a daily basis, as well as the ability to interact with other human beings on multiple levels, mentally and emotionally. We begin communicating the moment we come out of the womb and do not stop communicating until death. This essay will try to compare and contrast two different communication contexts- interpersonal and mass communication, by using relevant communication models.
One basic context of communication is interpersonal communication. Interpersonal communication can be defined as “the ongoing, ever- changing process that occurs when you interact with another person, forming a dyad, which is defined as two people communicating with each other” (Gamble, 2013). The process “involves at any given moment one ‘transmitter’ who communicates with one or a few receivers” (Price, 1998). If the receiver is not receptive to what the sender is saying and the information exchanged has not been shared, then you have not achieved interpersonal communication. An example of interpersonal communication can be when a friend shares a problem he or she is having with his or her friend. It is information shared by two people and it involves feedback. Thus, we can say that communication is something circular in nature. By looking at Osgood and Schramm’s circular model, it can be seen that communication occurs in more than one direction and by different methods. It also takes into consideration the environment of each communicator and the impact it has on sending and receiving the message. Furthermore, in a comment, Schramm states that “in fact it is misleading to think of the communication process as starting somewhere and ending somewhere. It is really endless. We are little switchboard centers handling and rerouting the great endless...

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