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Communication Observation Daycare Observation Of Toddlers

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In today's working society, parents need to rely on quality daycare for their children. However, finding a daycare that will strive to nurture each child's unique qualities and create a work environment that encourages professionalism, growth, and diversity can be stressful for a parent because of the realization of how important this decision may be.A daycare teacher must focus on many different areas to provide a developmentally appropriate curriculum for young children. As a teacher in a toddler room, my girlfriend Christine needs to communicate to her peers, children and parents on a daily basis both verbally and non-verbally.As I entered the room, early this morning, I noticed five children, each of them doing his or her individual thing. About 70 percent of children, at this toddler age, have a vocabulary consisting of 50 to 250 words (Ginny Graves, 2003); however, only one of them spoke when I entered the room. Once the two females of the room noticed me, they immediately stopped what they were doing and looked at me in a disapproving way. One of the females hid behind the shelf, exposing only her part of her face, while the other turned her back to me to continue playing in the "dramatic play" sand box. As for the three boys, they seemed content, as if I were not a foreign object in the room. The set of twins waved to me as if to say "Welcome to our room" while the third boy said "Hi" with a big smile. I previously met the set of male twins on a recent previous trip from a few days ago; therefore, the warm welcome from the boys was expected. As I said, "Hello friends" to the children of the room, Christine immediately said "Hello Pete", along with a big wave and smile to give example to the children.After taking a few steps into the room, I was asked to bend down so that I was at there level. Christine began to associate me with a picture of myself, which is posted on the closet door at the toddler's eye level by saying, "Friends, we know Pete, he is in the picture". Christine held the hands of the two females and brought them over to the picture and pointed to the picture of me and asked, "Do you see Pete in the picture"? One of the girls pointed reluctantly and the other bowed her head as in an uninterested manner.A few minutes into the observation and it was snack time, well at least to one of the twins it was. The boy was pointing to where they keep the snacks so Christine bent down to his level and began to say "You are pointing to the cabinet, does this mean you want snack"? The boy grunted as if to say yes. Christine said, "Yes you are right, it is time for snack, but what do we do right before snack?" Once the rest of the children heard this, they began to jump up and down to show their appreciation of snack time. The children understood what had to be done by placing his or her hands in the air....

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