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Communication Of Publishing Companies And The Process

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There are many forms of writing and writing styles. Some examples of the types of writing include creative writing, technical writing, academic writing, and journalism. With each type of writing, there are specific styles that are used frequently within each discipline. In academic writing, the styles that are used are MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and APA. With each type of writing and its correlating style, there are several areas of publishing. There are book publishing, journal publishing, and newspaper publishing. Many of the different styles of writing can be published in a variety of places and formats. There are academic journals, creative books and technical stylebooks. The ...view middle of the document...

I first started writing my first story when I was twelve years old. I learned how to use a computer effectively when I was thirteen years old. When I had free time in my computer typing class, I began to research the publishing companies and what they required in order to submit a manuscript. I started out by looking at the company that had published the book that had inspired me to begin writing in the first place, Chicken House Publishing. When I read the requirements and read about making a submission to them, I began to work to finish my first full story. When I had finished the first one, I began to write a sequel to it. Then disaster struck me twice, bullies stole my notebook that contained the handwritten originals and the digital version that I had spent hours typing was lost to a crashed computer. The new computer that replaced it did not have the old floppy disk reader. During that time I began to look for faster ways of publication and explored several self-publication options that were available. When I told friends that I wanted to self-publish a book, they told me I was going to have to go to college for anyone to take me seriously. It was then I put aside my immediate wish for publication and set my sights on researching colleges that had degrees in writing. Then in high school, after listening to a classmate talk about a site where he was able to publish his work; I looked at the site. After thoroughly exploring the site, I decided that it was time that I tried again. I had no idea what to write, as the site was dedicated to the writers of Fanfiction. During a long bus ride to school, I began to think of a character who was running to help keep myself occupied while ignoring bullies. When we had a free write in my honors English II class, I wrote down the beginnings of the story and the rest is history. I wrote my first full story, two sequels to the first in the series and published them on the Fanfiction site over a span of years. When I first came to Western, I had no idea what a concentration was or what was the right degree for me. I knew that writing was a part of the English degree, but I did not know which concentration to pick. I had been told that the school had dropped the Creative Writing degree, so I picked the next best thing, the Professional writing concentration. While I was still young, I had decided to be a ghostwriter, because they checked the facts and other such essentials especially in historical terms. Therefore, I chose to have a history minor. My reasons for my chosen path was not just for the money. I wanted to help others who found solace in reading and learning about the world in fiction, nonfiction and historical fiction books. I felt that by writing books, I could reach far more people and have a much longer impact. This impact is evident from various writers and their genres from Shakespeare to J.K. Rowling.
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