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Communication Opinion Paper

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Communication is the amalgamated process of thinking, reading, writing, speaking, and listening, the last four represent the elements of basic communication skills. However, given communication holds collective differentiations amongst individuals; a message sent and received can be misinterpreted, the result of differences. Overcoming the obstacle of differences requires incorporating the basic elements of communication and applying specificity, eye contact, body language, tone, and purpose too achieve a shared understanding between sender and receiver, hence effective communication. Although, effective communication is vital in reaching a shared understanding, it is important to remember ...view middle of the document...

1). Another consideration is health literacy, as well, its impact on health communication. According to the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (n.d.), “Only 12 percent of adults have Proficient health literacy” (p. 2.3). With this information, it reveals, that as, a collective society, we are deficient in skills necessary to not only engage in effective communication with health providers, but also lack the skills required to understand and manage our health care (Department of Health and Human Services, n.d.).

Effective health communication is fundamental to successful provider-patient encounters. Therefore, successful communication results from caregivers who are in tune to the patients’ concerns; the condition(s) are diagnosed, and thoroughly explained through the use of appropriate laymen terminology. Only when there is a shared understanding the provider can move forward with treat recommendations and later treatment outcomes. Although, while some may view the method and elements of communication as artless, it, “is the singularly most important tool health professionals have to provide health care to their clients” (du Pr'e, 2005, p. 12). While varying examples of common barriers are provided there are others to consider, which can have a profound impact in the delivery of quality care.

Picture if you will, you are attempting to deliver quality of care to a patient; however the process is hindered because the patient is reluctant to engage in candid communication. Reluctance on the patients’ part can result from past experiences, need, or cultural differences. Additionally, fear, shame, and embarrassment often lead to patient reluctance, thus resulting in the formation of barriers. Encountering patient reluctance presents a challenge, which necessitates the need for encouragement if effective communication is to prevail. Communication incorporates a sender, a message, a receiver, and a feedback; therefore, when a disruption occurs in any one of these elements (reluctance) the result is ineffective communication. Providers can encourage patients to engage in candid communication; however, it requires a commitment of time, honesty, sensitivity, openness, and understanding (Mazie, 2003).

Health providers that hold quality traits such as honesty, sensitivity, and...

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