Communication Problems In The Working Environment Of India

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With articles and cited research data obtained through on line sources (EBSCO and Google Scholar), we will take a closer look at the communication problems managers may possibly encounter in the working environment of India, their host country. We will also explore the possible solutions a firm may ascertain to overcome this difficulty. Articles from academic journals, published periodicals, and books have been used to compile this paper. This paper examines the need to further evaluate and consider the empirical reality of the communication impediment an organization will cope with and the preparation and solutions considered necessary to overcome these complexities. This paper will also examine some of the social, religious, and economical, interests and the impact of those possible solutions.

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A problem facing many executive managers looking to expand an organizations reach into a host country of India as well as any other international territories, come with many demanding yet thought-provoking obligation's. The most important in addition to being the first of many difficult assignments, require immense consideration and thoughtful deliberation is the communication barrier. Consequently, this first step can be made effortless if the organization was not planning an international expansion. However, this step can still be made uncomplicated with the assistance of an indigenous host who is well versed in the culture and most important the language.
With an assortment of diverse people living in various societies it is of great importance that a manager seeking to expand in India search for a trustworthy ally in the host country to support the overcoming of this barrier. This indigenous host contact would prove to be an asset not only to the manager but the organization as a whole.
According to Suparna, D (2013) Business Communication Page 111 "Physical barriers are usually easy to detect, understand, and correct" this I feel it is not the chief corner stone to a solid foundation a manager should give great attention to, unlike the channel of communication. As stated by Suparna, D (2013) Business Communication Page 23 "Communication is a social process influenced by culture." This obviously strong human trait is one of the problems managers face in a host country. This attribute of need to live with others in a safe, peaceful, prosperous, and healthy...

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