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Communication Processes Used Within My Organization

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Communication is important for the internal functioning of the organization and for interaction with the external environment. Communication is the transfer of information from a sender to a receiver, with the information being understood by the receiver. The communication process begins with the sender, who encodes an idea that is sent in oral, written, visual or some other form to the receiver. The receiver decodes the message and gains and understanding of what the sender wants to communicate. This in turn may result in some change or action. But the communication process may be interrupted by “noise”, which is anything that hinders communication. This assignment discusses communications within McDonald’s, where managers need to have information necessary for doing a good job. The information may not only flow downward or upward in the organization structure but also horizontally or diagonally.Written form communication but more information is communicated orally. Communication also occurs through gesture and facial expressions. Communication is hindered by barriers and breakdowns in the communication process. Recognizing these barriers and listening facilitate not only understanding but also managing.

The communication processes used within my organization.

The communication process involves the sender, the transmission of a message through a channel, and the receiver.

Sender of the message: communications begins with the sender, who has a thought or an idea, which is then encoded in a way that can be understood by both the sender and the receiver.

Use of a channel to transmit the message: the information is then transmitted over a channel that links the sender with the receiver. The message may be oral or written, and its transmission may be through a memorandum, a computer, the telephone, a telegram, e-mail, or other media. Television, of course, also facilitates the transmission of gestures and other visual cues. At time two or more channels are used.

Receiver of the message: the receiver has to be ready for the reception of the message so that it can be decoded into thoughts. The next step in the process is decoding, in which the receiver converts the message into thoughts. Accurate communications can occur only when both the sender and the receiver attach the same or at least similar meanings to the symbols that compose the message. A message in technical or professional jargon requires a recipient who understands such language. Communication is not complete unless it is understood. Understanding is in the mind of both the sender and the receiver.

The purpose of communication processes used in my organization.

The purpose of communication in an enterprise is to effect change- to influence action toward the welfare of the organization. Communication is essential for the internal functioning of the enterprise because it integrates the managerial function. In McDonald uses communication to achieve the following...

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