Communication Security: The Degree Of Security Of A Scrambling Algorithm

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A Communication scheme is said to be secure if it is capable to protect the data from any kind of eavesdropping. Scrambling is a technique which is used to obscure the content of transmission and is mainly employed in data hiding, water marking and encryption applications for providing information security against illegal surveillance and wire tapping. In the time domain scrambling process, a segment of time domain samples are taken and scrambles them into a different segment of samples. This scrambled data is transmitted and at the receiving end it is descrambled into its original form. The scrambling and descrambling operations are based on a scrambling/descrambling matrix. The ...view middle of the document...

Key space is the number of keys available for scrambling. Bigger the key space better will be the degree of security.

An efficient scrambling method should be channel-saving, attack-resistant and should provide high scrambling degree. Since compressive sensing (CS) \cite{donoho2006compressed} provides very good compression and robustness whereas Arnold scrambling \cite{madain2012audio} provides very good scrambling degree, by combining both these techniques, an effective audio scrambling method can be developed.

Compressive sensing performs both sampling as well as compression, along with encryption of the source information simultaneously. CS seeks to represent a signal using a number of linear, non-adaptive measurements. Usually, the number of measurements is much lower than the number of samples needed if the signal is sampled at the Nyquist rate. CS requires that the signal is sparse in some basis and it combines the steps of sampling and compression. CS stores and transmits only a few non-zero coefficients and enables the recovery of signals from these few measurements. This greatly reduce the time of data acquisition, storage and the amount of data needed to be transmitted. This is the prominent advantage of CS \cite{sreenivas2009compressive}. The random measurements are taken by using a measurement matrix of suitable size and the receiver should know this matrix for the reconstruction. A key based measurement matrix not only provides security, but also eliminates the necessity of transmission of the same.

Arnold transform is a transformation technique which is commonly used in image scrambling to rearrange the pixels of the image randomly. A two dimensional Arnold transform can also be used for scrambling audio data. An algorithm based on a 64 bit key and a logistic map is used for constructing the Arnold matrix which is used for rearranging the data. Arnold scrambling offers excellent scrambling degree and breaks the correlation between audio samples effectively.

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