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Communication Situation Analysis

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The fast-paced changes in modern technology, gives us many different modes of communications, both within a company or on a global scale. The modes we chose should be, carefully selected. Communicating messages and information can be complicated, and may require a particular medium depending on those we are trying to reach. In some instances, face-to-face communication is favored over nonverbal forms, to exchange information. This is important to consider, considering the diversity of today's workplace and the growing global economy.Communication TechnologyThere are many different forms of communication that we us in the workplace, both synchronous and asynchronous. With the advent of the internet, electronic forms of communication such as, video conferencing and online meetings have become commonplace. This allows companies with divisions in faraway places to connect in real time. The only downfall to these modes is connection speed or internet traffic. These can lead to a delay in transfer or can cause information to be misinterpreted. The internet has also allowed us to transfer text information via emails. Emails are an excellent way to send text and picture information in detail. The downfall in this is response time. The recipient might not receive the messages in a timely fashion, which delays responses.Older forms of communication are still the mainstay of business communications. Telephone and faxes can provide immediate responses, are still at the mercy of technology. Interference in telephone lines can disrupt phone conversation and faxes can be, distorted when received. This can lead to a delay on the exchange of ideas and information, as well as response time.Face-to-face communication is by far most dependable form of communication available to businesses. Information can be, exchanged and can be, acted on quickly. There is also the nonverbal aspect as well. Being able to see how people react to a situation is important when in face-to-face discussions. The reading of body language can let people know if a person is sincere in what they are saying or if, they are interested in the subject.Communication SituationsWhen making a sweeping change to a company, like changing employee benefits or announcing layoffs, a company needs to tread lightly. These matters are sensitive and when it comes to human emotions, tact and diplomacy are important. Giving bad news to employees is probably the hardest job a manager has. With this in mind, management needs to meet with employees face-to-face in order to limit tension and squash rumors before they start. This is even more important if the company employs hundreds or even thousands of people and has affiliates in other states or countries.The introduction of a new process to a team or a small group within an organization, care needs to be, given especially if the changes are, made without...

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