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Communication Skills For A Forensic Science Technician

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For anyone interested in entering the workforce or changing careers; good communication and grammar skills are invaluable. With advances in technology grammar skills in the work place are more important than ever. Anyone who applies for a job should use the Occupation Outlook Handbook to understand the commutation skill for their future career. I have found this source very useful in learning the writing and speaking skills needed for my further career as a Forensic Science Technician.
There are many reasons why good grammar is important at work. First of all, if an applicant has bad grammar, then he or she may not even get hired in the first place. Kyle Weins, CEO of ifixit, said in his “Harvard Business Review article” that he won’t even hire applicants who have bad grammar; his company has an English test that all applicants must take. Many other companies also have English tests in the hiring process. He also said that good grammar skills show how serious someone is about they’re work; someone with lazy grammar looks like a lazy worker. Plus, good grammar makes people look smarter; someone with a wide vocabulary and great grammar would do a better job impressing a client (Weins ). In her Frobes article, Susan Adams listed the reasons why she thinks good grammar at work is important. She says that good grammar show that an employee knows when to use context appropriate language. It also shows respect to the person they’re talking to and finally it shows that they’re organized people. Employers value an organized employee because they more dependable (Adams).

According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook, the career of Forensic Science Technician (Forensic Scientist) requires college level speaking and grammar skills. Applicants are required to have a Bachelor’s degree and English is very important. When Forensic Scientists study a crime scene, they must document all the evidence at the scene, and if a Forensic Scientist doesn’t have appropriate grammar skills, it will be hard for a court to use his or her work as evidence in a trial. In order for Forensic Scientists to share their findings with courts and the police they need to know how to keep a journal in order to document the evidence in an appropriate way to explain the scene. They also need to stay up to date with current technology in order to improve their ability to document evidence. Forensic Scientists sometimes have to testify in court as a witness so they must be able to speak clearly. Their clear speaking skills are also important so they can communicate with other biological or chemical professionals for help with evidence outside their own skills. Forensic Scientists must have a wide vocabulary in order to report their findings. The vocabulary usually consists of legal, chemical, and biological definitions. Forensic Scientists must be able to read detailed reports...

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