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Communication Software Essay

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E-mail is short for Electronic Mail, a software application based on communications to transmit messages over the Internet as a communication network. The E-mail becomes the most popular and frequently used application because of the reasons of easily message transmission to the receiver even though the distance location of the sender and receiver within a thousand miles.

Most of e-mail systems consist of an elementary text editor for composing messages, but many allow users to edit the messages using any editor they want. The message can be sent to the recipient by specifying the recipient's address. Most of message was sent in a text and image form, but some audio files also can be sent ...view middle of the document...


The latest communication software nowadays is Instant Messaging (IM) or also known as online chatting. The IM technology is allows users which connected to the Internet to send short-medium messages or make conversation directly on real time communication with two or more users who are connected to the same channel of network. The IM application based on Graphic User Interface (GUI) usually consists of two components which is Software Server and Client Software. Some application operates in many web browser platforms, but some application need user to download and install it first into their computer before this application can be started.

The functions in IM normally consist of text instant message, file transfer, group chat room, small video conferencing and web links. The session of this communication can be established with supported hardware such as microphone, webcam and headset. There are many popular IM applications among Internet users such as AOL Messenger, Yahoo Massager, Skype, Jabber, ICQ, Meebo etc. There also a new trend among many developers provide instant messaging features in their social networking platform such as Facebook, Twitter, and Friendster etc.

Since the presence of mobile internet access technology (GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G), online chatting are usually only done on a computer, currently more popular use with the mobile phone. The increasing of the usage of mobile phones as a chatting communication tool, making more programmers interested in messenger application development. Many mobile users also not only install one messenger client application, even they installed up to five messenger clients application at a time in order to communicate with their communities. The examples of mobile messenger applications are Whatsapp, ChatOn, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Line and so on. Figure 6 below shows the structure of Instant Messaging Application.

Figure 6. The Structure of Instant Messaging Application.


Telnet, short term for Telecommunication Network is a network protocol that allow user to log on to other computers on the Internet or Local Area Network (LAN) and provide two-directional interaction facilities based on text communication using a virtual terminal connection. The Telnet protocol was developed in 1969 and standardized as IETF STD 8 which is one of the first Internet standards.

The Telnet allows the user to sit in the front of computer which connected to the Internet and access remotely to other computer. The Telnet also can be used to log and access a wide variety of public services, including the library catalogue and various databases. The Telnet have a two programs which is one is telnet of client and telnetd of server. The telnet of client is local host software running on the computer that...

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