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Communication Styles Essay

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Management styles often change when new managers become experienced managers. How a person chooses to use their experience often depends on the positions that they chose to take on. The average younger baby boomer has held 11 jobs by the time they had turned 44 (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2010). These changes will often force a person to be different type of manager from when they first started. Pete Torrez (Torrez) has had multiple jobs that have led to a varied career path. He has had to adapt to make sure the communication techniques he is using are appropriate for the audience that he is addressing. The communication styles have been developed because of the career choices he has made and the people that he has associated with in the workplace. The communication style has used and is using is because of the positions he has held. Nonverbal and written communications are an important piece to how he has been able to continue growth in all his positions and career path. Influence of technology has had a great impact on how he has had to communicate with peers and employees, and as a Baby Boomer there have also been challenges. As a teacher in junior high education and manager in retail, the power of persuasion and conflict resolution has been used consistently. Although a strong communicator in many ways, there are recommendations that could help him progress and be a strong communicator.
Career Path
Torrez started his career as a junior high math teacher. He received his bachelor’s degree in education and was able to quickly find a position that he found fulfilling. The communication style he was using was indicative of a school setting. He communicated with students on a professional level and learned to adapt to situations of violence that were often apparent in the school that he was located in. This, along with an economic time when teachers were being laid off, led him to a new career choice.
The new career was a manger in training for large retail convenience store operations called Texaco. This job introduced him to a new type of communication style. He was now in charge of employees, had corporate managers that he had to answer to and was responsible 24 hours a day for the operations. This was a time before email, computer accounting systems, and pagers were considered highly advanced. Communication was very different for people. In most cases meetings were set up that people need to travel to, or people used the telephone. Issues were often not resolved quickly because they required input from multiple people.
Following promotions to store manager and district manager with a new company Amoco, Torrez grew with experience and technology. After leaving the retail industry he gained employment in as General Manager for an ATM company. He was second in command of the entire operation and the owner was his supervisor. This job changed not only how he communicated but a major reason for leaving was the...

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