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Many companies like to hire people who can work successfully in teams because of the many advantages team members can convey. A team is composed of two or more interdependent individuals who are consciously striving to work together to achieve a common goal (University of Phoenix, 2004). One advantage teams have over individuals is the fact that groups can accumulate more knowledge and facts and groups have a broader perspective and consider more alternative solutions. Teams also convey better performance rates and creativity. Studies have shown that organizations working in teams have the highest improvement in performance. Teams also encourage creativity in workers by involving employees in the company's decision making (Bovee, Thill, & Schatzman. 2003). Teams can play an imperative part in helping organizations reach its objective(s). Other advantages of teams are that they bring increased information and knowledge, increased diversity of views, increased reception of a solution, and superior performance levels. Although there are many benefits to team work there can be numerous drawbacks. One of the major drawbacks is lack of effective communication skills. Communication skills have always been important when working as teams or groups. Communication is even more important today because teams have a variety of disadvantages or barriers. While there are many benefits when working in teams, lack of effective communication can lead to poor performance; communication is vital for team achievement.Communication is vital for group achievement.Communication is defined as "the successful transmission of information through a common system of symbols, signs, behavior, speech, writing, or signals" (Communication, 2002). Using effective communication is vital to team work. Good communication contributes to the team success. Without this major ingredient toward success teams will not succeed. When a team has an understanding of each others views, goals, openness, and a clear understanding of what is expected, team members will feel a sense of belonging and thrive for success. Teams that demonstrate good communication skills will also bypass many social influences that can hinder the team's performance. Some of these social influences are social loafing, social facilitation, social comparison theory, conformity, and groupthink (Plous, 1993).Barriers of communicationThere are a wide number of communications barriers that occur during the team process. Some of those barriers include poor listening or reception of information, distractions, cultural differences, perception differences. In my opinion poor listening is one of the major barriers in communication. The ability to listen effectively is directly related to success in team relationships. Bad listeners tend to tune out dry subjects, distract easily, resists difficult material, and reacts to emotional words. I have been guilty in not listening effectively. I have caught myself only listening to...

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