Communication Technologies In Canada Essay

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Communication Technologies in Canada

Canada is also very unique in the global economy in light of their communication technologies. Canada is a unique country because it allows two main companies control its communication industry. The two big players in the game are Rogers, who control eastern Canada, and Shaw, who control western Canada.

Rogers Communication started with a vision that "radio is an electric pipeline" by Edward S. Rogers, Sr. In 1925 Mr. Rogers, Sr. invented the world's first alternating "current (AC) radio tube."1 The radio tube was a huge break through in communication technology and in radio reception, and as a result of the invention; radios became common medium of communication.

Edward's son, Ted Rogers has now created a new current of communication. Ted Rogers has a "number of ventures in broadcasting, cable television and communication"2 Ted also took communication to a new level by building a number of cable television systems in the United States. So Rogers not only control a large part of the Canadian communication sector but now has moved to the States as well. And "in March 1989, Rogers Communication completed the sale of its U.S cable television interests for CDN $1.581 billion."3 Rogers have started to make a huge number of profits outside of Canada while still keeping the company with a Canadian prospective.

Within Canada right now, Rogers has taken communication technology to a whole different era by providing its customers more than one services. Rogers now provide services such as "Cellular, Digital PCs, Paging, and data communication, and Cable television, high-speed internet access and also video retailing, and radio and television broadcasting, tele-shopping, publishing and new media business."4

Rogers is also a big part of the community, they "demonstrate its continued commitment to earning the goodwill of the communities"5 through their support funds. They provide support from "national initiatives to grass roots charities" 6. Some of their funds include Rogers Cable network fund, Rogers Documentary fund, and Rogers Telefund.

One big sector in the Canadian economy that Rogers control is in the radio broadcasting. "Canada's most-listened to broadcasting company is Rogers Media-Broadcasting".7 Some of the stations they own are 680 NEWS (CFTR-AM 680), CHFI-FM (98.1), KISS FM (92.5), CKBY-FM (105.3), OCEAN FM (CIOC FM 98.5), NEWS1130 (CKWX AM 1130), XFM (CKVX FM 104.9), and CJIB-AM (940). A very diverse range of stations, catering to almost all Canadians, making the Radio arm of Rogers unique in itself.

Radio broadcasting in Canada is unique itself. Minimum of the music played on Canadian radio stations between 6am to 6pm must contain 35% of Canadian content. And to be considered a Canadian artist, an artist must contain two of these requirements from this list: Production must be Canadian; Artist must be Canadian; Music must be Canadian; or the Lyrics must be Canadian.8 The Canadian...

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