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Communication is a need for the human socialism survival. In the previous days, the major communication source available was face to face interaction or written letters. But with the advent of technology communication has stepped forward. Now technology serves as a platform for social interaction. But that doesn’t means that communication journey has stopped here, the astounding ways with which we use to translate our ideas and convey information are constantly changing.
The technology has prolonged the limit of accession. The communication networks are able to carry person’s voice, picture, video or any kind of data and graphics over the extents of generation. The efficiency and affectivity is remarkably increased as it is not just confined to the transfer of previously captured pictures and videos, but a person can enjoy live events over miles.
Communication networks are classified according to the extent of area it covers and also upon the controlling source. Like the centralized and decentralized networks.
In centralized networks, all users are connected to a central server. This server is the real acting and controlling agent of the network. It does not only control, but also saves each member’s account info and communication records. The instant messaging platforms are example of it. Whereas, the decentralized networks are self configuring in nature. Here the transmitters communicate with their receivers without the over head of any central authority. The internet is an extremely decentralized network.
LAN and WAN are the communication networks distinguished according to their penetration power over an area. LAN is the power full data exchange network, where the interchange of data is possible over restricted local area for example the networks laid in building automation. While WAN is the network that can access several different media and can communicate over a distance of several kilometers for example the robust internet web browsing.
When the network is large enough they can comprise of sub networks. When small...

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