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Communication Theory Model Essay

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Communication Theory Model
According to the communication theory, Satir believes that unhealthy relationships between family members result from a distinctive pattern of communication with troubled families, in addition to the correlation between self-esteem and communication. Communication patterns display what is going on in the relationships in the family. If there is conflicted communication between members, it can be observed in a high level of disagreements. According to Satir, (1988), “ As I began to understand these patterns more fully, I saw that self-esteem became easily hooked when one had not developed a solid, appreciative sense of self-worth” (p.80). The four patterns of communications are “placated, blame, compute, and distract” (Satir, 1988, p.84). A positive attitude in self-assessment can build self-esteem. When people have low self-esteem, they approach the problem in negative ways.

Socio-cultural Factors

There are many socio-cultural factors that contribute to family issues, such as race, ethnicity, class, economic status, gender, education, and sexual orientation. Socio-cultural factors can sometimes provide support to the family in resolving their problems, or conversely, can sometimes be the cause of problems. For example, if different groups of family members have unequal socio-cultural factors, this may negatively affect the relationship between them. According to McGoldrick, Carter & Garcia-Preto, (1999), "Ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, socio-economic status and health status influence the life cycle” (p.4). The socio-cultural factors that contribute to the development of the problem in Mary’s family are economic status, class, education, and ethnicity. Some of the factors that have impacted relationships between Mary and her ex-husbands and some of her siblings. For example, the reason of Mary’s second divorce was of ethnicity and economic status. She was married a man who is from different culture and has different values/traditions. Because of the cultural differences between them that made Mary’s life unhappy. He could not adapt with her culture and she could not adapt to his. Mary realized that he was using her for money when she attempted to support him. As Mary informed me she had a good job than him and she earned much money than he did. Beside that, he wanted her to rent a house for his children who are from his first marriages because he knew she had a lot of money. Moreover, he knew she spent money on her children and thought she could support him. And she refused his request because she felt uncomfortable with that. Moreover, the factors that contribute to divorce from her first ex-husband were education and class. He did not have high school diploma and he did not have a job. She supported him financially, but he was not responsible about his role as a father. Beside that, the economic class between her and him caused a problem because he wants money and she attempted to find a...

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