Communication Through Notation Essay

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“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The first time I read this quote I was in my 8th grade English class. At the time the class was reading and analyzing Longfellow’s famous poem “Paul Revere’s Ride” and my teacher had written a few famous quotes by Longfellow on the board. The same year in a music history course my teacher discussed the evolution of music. From Gregorian chant until the Romantic Era of Chopin. My teacher discussed the changes in the music not only in the sense of notation but in the sense of culture. The culture formed the music of that era. When these two things happened my fourteen-year-old brain made a connection that changed my view of music and people forever. I thought that if music is the universal language of the world then each composer has his own voice. Each composer has his own story to tell. This insight gave me the knowledge and the motivation to tell my own story and soon my desire to create and write my own story began.
My desire to create and express eventually lead me to a group of kids that shared that same desire. In 10th grade my friends and I formed a metal band. We spent months writing songs and eventually reached a point where we were ready to record them. The drummer of the band owned a pair of drum microphones, a few condenser microphones and a vocal microphone so we immediately got to work. This is where my love for Music Technology began. After months of trial and error recording sessions in our drummer’s basement we finally finished a six song EP. Although it wasn’t the most well produced recording, the experience opened my eyes to the world of Audio Production, and from then on my goal was to explore the world of Music Technology.
As a result of my newfound passion I delved deeper into music and music technology by enrolling in Music Theory courses during my high school career. In the theory courses, I was taught music fundamentals along with a music notation program called Finale. This was my first exposure to the world of digital scoring and sequencing and I was immediately in awe. The concept of being able to translate musical thoughts into a detailed, fully formed idea was the most attracting part to me. From that point on I began to make songs all the time on my home computer using various digital sequencers such as Garageband Logic Pro, Reason, Pro Tools 9, and FL Studio.
After I graduated...

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